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Configuring the Internet Information Services data source


The IIS data source is used to produce reports on OWA (Outlook Web Access) and ActiveSync activity. The application reads the Internet Information Services log files and stores the information into the database. 

For more information about the import process, see Import IIS Data.

Location of IIS log files

By default, IIS generates log files files in

Rights and permissions

The user account used to start Promodag Reports (or the administrative account defined in Server Properties, Security tab ) must have at least Read-Only access permissions to the Internet Information Services files shared folder. This folder is not shared by default and Promodag Reports uses the following UNC path to access it:

This path references the C$ shared resource that can only be accessed with administrative rights. Therefore, you can either use an administrative account to run Promodag Reports, or enter an administrative account name and password in Server Properties, Security tab.

If you cannot or if you do not wish to use an administrative share,