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Purge Message Tracking Data


Use this option is to delete message tracking-related data from the database. Select the servers for which data must be deleted, the date range, and the type of import to clear.

Interface description

Option Description
Click this button to view all message tracking files whose events have been imported so far. For more information about this option, see Tracking file import history.
Purge from Enter the start date of the date range to purge.
Purge to Enter the end date of the date range to purge.
Purge all events Select this check box to purge all message tracking-related records within the selected date range.
Purge some events Click the link to select specific events to purge within the selected date range, for example connector imports, or directory synchronization. For more information about event types, see Data source: Message tracking.
Remove orphaned items (slow) Select this check box to purge orphaned items, such as recipients or MessageIDs. Warning: This operation may take several hours to complete.
Compact database Select this check box to compact or shrink the database at the end of the import process.